Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Clever Girls are back!

After a bit of a break from updating Clever Girls, I am back! I have just been a bit too busy to squeeze it all in, but it is starting to settle down again, and I have just been amazed as to how many Clever Girls are around.

There are Clever Girls doing beautiful jewellery (Georgie Cunningham www.seaglass.com.au), yummy spices (Pam Stirling - www.redhillspicegirls.com.au), and gorgeous bags (Judy - www.naughtyagapanthus.etsy.com). If you want to see Clever Girl, Karen Erasmus' art work, go to www.karenerasmus.wordpress.com. And don't forget Lee Bond's sun protective swimwear from www.shrimpsaustralia.com.au.

There are also Clever Girls, such as Sam Natoli and Kerri Duffey with great handmade cards Ambyance Design, and Tracey Wollen with Moosie Moo, art for children. Let me know if you want any of these girls' contact details.

And these are just the girls who are working for themselves while holding down a family and household. There are many other girls out there who work for organisations in both a paid and voluntary capacity who also should be applauded.

If you know a Clever Girl whose accomplishments should be celebrated, let me know.


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